Enhances your productivity with faster design-to-production times.

Offline programming means minimal machine down-time with same intuitive user HMI as on the numerical control.

Collision-less bend sequences mean reduced stock wastage.




The offline software VisiTouch MX enables in a quick, easy and efficient way, importing and unfolding 3D files, finding automatically solutions for tooling and bend sequences and simulating dynamically in 3D for checking collisions.


Main features

  • User friendly HMI, similar to the CybTouch’s one, thanks to an intuitive programming.
  • Importing and unfolding of 3D parts in IGES, STEP, SAT and X_T (Parasolid) formats.
  • Automatic and manual tool selection. Large range of tools available.
  • Automatic and manual bend sequencing with collision detection.
  • Automatic and manual fingerstop positioning with graphic control of all axes.
  • Automatic retraction calculation.


  • 3D simulation of the bending process with collision detection.
  • Maximizes workshop organization (production time calculation and checking parts feasibility).
  • Efficient tool for operator training and demonstration.


S-OFT-Import Import license for DXF flat and 3D format(IGES, STEP, SAT, X_T)

Ordering information

S-OFT-VST3D     Offline software license, VisiTouch MX (3D)